Monday, November 22, 2010

Yenza ngentando yakho

My only participation in the service at Brentwood on Sunday was to 'pray for the congregation' at the request of the local preacher taking the service. He was touched by the prayer and requested that the congregation sing hymn 238 in the Zulu Methodist hymn book. The third verse goes like this:

Kunguwe onamandla onke
Onokuhlakanipha konke
Kunguwe onomusa wonke
Yenza ngentando yakho.

The last line is the same for all the verses. This verse simply means, 'you have all the power, you have all the wisdom, you have all the grace (or kindness), do according to your will'.
It expresses such a simple and yet real faith - God is good. We can trust him. Let him do his will in our lives.

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