Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Thoughts

Christmas is over - the new year can begin! Part of me is impatient to get going. Part of me says that I should enjoy the holiday while I can!
We have found that we have had a more relaxed December than we have had for years. 2008 saw me preparing to move and moving to Grahamstown. 2009 saw the same for Pietermaritzburg, but the whole family this time. This year we moved house, but otherwise things have stayed much the same.
My brain is not even constantly struggling over theological problems! So I don't have much to blog . . .
My big frustration is with UKZN. I want to be thinking about my PhD plans and thesis, but communication from them is close to zero. Maybe I'm going about it in the wrong way . . .
Maybe God is telling me to take a holiday!

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