Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That Jazz just keeps going . . .

It is a funny thing. My Honda Jazz is now two years old. It spent its first year of life taking me around Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth and did an average of 2000km a month. The strange thing is that this year in Pietermaritzburg I have also done close to 2000km a month. I can't quite figure it out. Last year I did a 130km trip to PE and back every week. I travelled 50km to 100km to various churches on Sundays. But local travel was very low - about 1.5km to the office and I used to walk to the shops.
This year I have travelled to Howick and back on average twice a week - that's about 20km from Pmb. There has been the occasional trip to Durban - about 90km. But local travel is a bit more - it was about 8km from our family home to the seminary. It is a bit frightening how much these little trips add up.
After 2 years the Jazz is still going well and I am still very pleased with it!

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