Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amping Up

I went to see what was happening at the Texel flats (where my residence is) and to collect my post from seminary this morning. It is as if the blood is starting to pump once more through the veins of SMMS. Where there was dead quiet a few days ago there is now the sound of voices, workers tidying and cleaning, doors wide open, things happening. Somehow it sends a feeling of potential, of anticipation. I'll be glad to get back - mostly because I want to know what the schedules will look like, so I can plan.
The new year has already started from a ministry point of view - and I have been unable to commit to certain things because I don't know what my seminary demands will be. The Phakamisa pre-school teachers training looks like it is going to fly - I think things are going very well so far! I am not sure what will happen with Brentwood. I will get involved in starting the new year with the pre-school, beyond that I'm not sure.
I think this year will focus on academics for me. I think that will be the sanest direction and the one most likely to be supported by the seminary. I will register for a PhD and probably do Greek 2. I am considering also doing Hebrew, but I suspect that I won't go that direction.
I will hopefully also be involved in ministry at my local church, but that is also dependant on the seminary. We begin with 'Re-orientation' on the 23rd of January.

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