Thursday, January 27, 2011

And there was a third day and a fourth

I spent the third of seminary at UKZN, for the most part. I am now registered for a PhD - I think I am mostly excited because it has seemed such a frustrating process to get there. I have been accepted by the Biblical Studies Programme - the professor signed my form. I am very happy about that and must now wait to hear about a supervisor. They are all too busy - they have many students to oversee. While I work independently, I can't promise to be no trouble because I intend to keep them supplied with stuff to read. However, I have another week of orientation at seminary which is keeping me busy so I am in not in a rush to start yet.
Today, being the fourth day, was led by a team-building company from Johannesburg. They were really good and they kept us busy and having fun all day. If we can start to get this right at seminary, we will go places! There were still some grumpy comments about us 'just playing' but I think that we all started to get the idea that community means being together.
I must admit that I feel reasonably positive at the moment. God is good!


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

"On the fourth day, Jenny ..." Well done. What are they going to make you do? ;-) Actually, I have some sympathy for your grumpy friends.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

We had fun with the team building - it ended with painting pictures in groups and some people had never actually used a paintbrush and paint to make a picture before.
Sympathy - it's not easy for me either! I know what you mean.