Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to seminary

Today was the first day of two weeks of preparation or orientation at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary. There are 94 seminarians, of whom about 15 are private students - not sponsored by the Methodist Church. There should be about 50 of us returning from last year, so I guess there are about 30 new Methodist candidates. There seem to be a lot of new young people, which is great. There are also newcomers in the over 50 bracket. It is so much nicer being at the new seminary campus - it was very cramped in the previous location. There seems to be a good spirit among the seminarians so far. There are two new full time academic staff members - Peter Grassow and Lilian Siwila and it seems there are plenty of part time teachers. The opportunity for the Methodist Church to do great things is there. God is good.

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