Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A blogging why

Why do some bloggers set their blog feeds so that they only show the first few lines in a feedreader? There are three blogs that I would like to read, but usually don't because I have to go to the actual page and wait for it to load.
Just wondering (and hoping that maybe they would rethink, although I doubt any of them come by here!)


Anonymous said...

It's probably because they want to drive hits to their page.
As to the why, there is either a kernel of pride or ignorance in this behaviour. Possibly pride because self worth is being measured by popularity. Possibly ignorance if they don’t know how to change the setting and pass through the whole post.

Then again it could also be ambivalence?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Yes, I guess it is to drive hits to their page. I was wondering if they have Google Ads or something that pays for hits? For myself, I am just grateful if anyone reads anything I write! I'm not sure they would be bothered to go to the page!

Steve Hayes said...

I plead ignorance.

I know little about feed readers, and and have never consciously used one, so I've no idea how my blogs' feeds are set or how they appear in feed readers.

I've been suspicious of feed readers and haven't used them, because I suspected that they would present me with information overload, and especially before Telkom increased their bandwidth allowance to 9 Gigs a month, I thought that feed readers might waste my precious bandwidth.

BlogCatalog now seems to present its blogs in feed readers, and when I click on them by mistake, I go back because I'd rather read the original blog.

Oh, and I've taken to using Tumblr, which I think aggregates blogs by reading feeds. So it aggregates posts from my various blogs by sidplaying the first few lines. I thought that was the right way to go, because it's like displaying abstracts of journal articles. People can see what's available, but don't need to read the full thing unless the topic actually interests them. So instead of asking people to followme on Twitter, I ask them to follow me on Tumblr. Then they can see abstracts of my blog posts but don't have to read the full thing unless they are really interested.

You too can follow me on Tumblr, but only if you're really interested, of course :-)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steve - your blogs are fine! I find that using a feedreader rescues me from distractions rather than overloading me. It also means that I pick up new posts on semi-active blogs without checking them all the time. The downside is that it takes extra effort to comment and so I comment less than I probably should.
I am slow with new things like Tumblr (I suppose I am a late-adopter!), however I shall click on your link forthwith.