Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seminary - Day Two

I sort of accidentally missed most of today! The schedule started with a Bible Study, continued to several hours of admin and then something about practical ministry in the afternoon.
I found myself in a quandry with the projects that I was involved with last year requiring just a 'finger on the pulse' of attention and so I begged permission to be away from seminary for a couple of hours after the Bible Study.
Brentwood Pre-school - the teachers are so excited. The children are streaming in and they have had to start turning them away. They are seriously thinking about taking on another teacher. I am so pleased with what they are doing. The BIG downside is that the Brentwood Church is not keeping pace with them and I am somewhat at my wit's at end as to the way forward.
Phakamisa - it looks as if we will have full classes of trainee teachers in both sections (0-3 yrs and 4-6 yrs). Both Prestbury and Metro Methodist church members have been supporting the call for waste material for projects enthusiastically. And I heard today that someone at Prestbury has donated R4000 to the project. Is God good or is God good?
I headed back to seminary just before lunch, feeling a bit guilty for not being there, to discover that they had compacted the programme (good move!) and the seminarians were heading home. I will find out tomorrow what I missed. Tomorrow is also registration at UKZN. I hope all goes well!

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