Friday, March 11, 2011


I had a long accidental session with one of my PhD supervisors today. Accidental because I was meeting with one of his colleagues who is helping me sort out my thoughts and he walked past and joined in. The discussion was great and useful, but I found myself 'losing it'. It felt like all my ideas were being trashed and I was drowning.
The thing is he wasn't listening to me - he didn't have the discussion document and he wasn't letting me get a word in. It was like trying to paint the blades of a windmill while it's working - slosh a bit of paint on every time the blade comes past.
Eventually, I think we worked around to what was my original idea - and it seems to be good. It is just frustrating that it took an hour to get to my starting point. Now I need to think through all the bits that were said and see what I can use to move on - because there was useful stuff said, it was just a bit random from my point of view!
Even if I don't get to doing a proposal soon (my supervisor is in no hurry!) I need to build a structure within which to read.

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