Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day to Day CPE

Today was what is called a 'normal' day at our CPE course. Monday was 'normal', Tuesday was not and apparently tomorrow will be again. What this means is that we have a basic structure to the day that is not nailed to the concrete floor. It looks like this:
8.30 Worship (after seminary, starting at 8.30 is a luxury!)
9.00 Admin
9:15 Lecture
10.30 Tea (and sandwich)
11.00 Visit patients in the wards
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Small groups led by a supervisor
15:00 More ward visiting
16.00 Debriefing and wrap up (the length of this varies and I suspect will get shorter as we go along!)

I have been placed in a surgical ward - patients have taken to showing me really impressive wounds. I am glad that I don't get grossed out too easily! The language barrier is frustrating - sometimes people are so pleased to have a visit from a minister, but they can't tell me what their struggles are. They are very pleased when I pray for them - and I reckon Jesus doesn't know too much about language barriers.

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