Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday, today and tomorrow the Bishops of the MCSA and various other people are meeting together to do the stationing for next year. In the Methodist Church a station is basically a Methodist Society (or group of societies). Ministers are sent to stations. Many stations are filled by the process of invitation - where the society invites a particular minister to come and work with them. Those stations that are not filled by the time of the synod held in May and those ministers that are not placed by means of invitation must be brought together by Conference appointments. Probationer (student) ministers are not eligible for invitation and must be placed by Conference. Those who are leaving seminary at the end of this year (like me!) are thus waiting to hear the Conference appointments with eager anticipation. Where is the church going to send us next year?
The meeting that is being held now will produce a first draft of stations which will only be confirmed when Conference meets in September.  Nonetheless, it will be good to have an indication of where we are likely to go!
Please pray for us all! We are nervous as well as excited.


Steve Hayes said...

Leaving already? But you've only just got there!

How time flies! I remember reading your blog when you were describing going to little churches around Witkoppen, and how you lived away from the family in the Eastern Cape, and finding a place to live in Pietermaritzburg, and now you're about to be off again! God bless you in your journeyings oft.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Steve. I am enjoying the adventure!