Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun with Technorati

I have always wanted to do this, and then I did it by accident. (This is about blog stats - please feel free to skip if you are not a techie!)
Technorati provide blog ranking stats (www.technorati.com) It's a bit of a mission to find out the rankings of the South African religion blogs that I am interested in, but there are a few that I check once in a blue moon. Blog rankings are based on what Technorati calls authority. Authority is calculated from number of hits to the blog, how often posts are created and links from other posts - I'm not sure if they use anything else. This works quite well because it stops inactive blogs topping the ranking. You also can't manipulate it with 'link farms' because links must be current.
All the South African blogs were sitting at around authority 100. Then Steve Hayes linked to me from his Notes From Underground Blog. I started checking Technorati - yes! My blog went up to authority 408. Then I happened to link back to Steve's Khanya blog. He linked to Cobus van Wyngaard from Khanya and I also linked to Cobus. Now Steve's Khanya blog and Cobus's blog are both around 400. And I've just linked to them again, so let's see what happens.


Steve Hayes said...

I just linked to this post on StumbleUpon and gave it a thumbs-up -- I wonder what will happen now?

I very rarely look at Technorati these days, because so much of their stuff doesn't work any more - tags for instance.

Steve Hayes said...

PS - it's better to link to individual posts than to the blo0g as a whole. And preferably posts you really like.

Sergey said...

I came here from Twitter, following a question from @hayesstw: What kinds of things influence blog popularity? #Technorati?

For me it's never Technorati or whatever other rating nor catalogs to discover new things.

The links on twitter from the people I like, the links in other blogs from the people who I actually read and whose opinion I value, and from some aggregators dedicated to the particular topic (it may be a blog planet, a livejournal community or some other on-topic community blog, or social link exchange like news.ycombinator.com or some subreddit). The technology doesn't matter much here, it is the people who care about some topic. Where two or three come together to discuss the same question, invariably there are some valuable links around.

So it's good that Technorati implements some kind of rating sharing between cross-linked blogs. It's a matter of the circle of people as a whole, not of the individual blogs.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

About 20 hours later: My authority is down to 407. Cobus is up to 439 and Steve to 450. They have both been linked to by other people as well. Notes from Underground is still stuck at 103.
The higher authority does mean more hits from Technorati links - which I guess would eventually drive the ranking up. Very interesting.
Steve - About ten hits from Stumbleupon. I can't tell if they are actual reads or just preloads. Several hits from your link on Notes from Underground (more than when you linked re Biko!) I don't see anyone following the links out from this particular post of mine.
Cepren - I agree with you. Common ground makes the best conversation. Nice to have you join our discussion!

Steve Hayes said...

Interesting that my link to this post doesn't show up under Links to this post.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

After another 24 hours all the mentioned blogs seem to be in an identical Technorati state - it hasn't even picked up my later post from yesterday. So maybe we have managed to jam it!
Steve - that is odd. It looks like that button is for making links to the post - I thought it was supposed to show links. I'm not sure what changes for me because I own the blog though.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

And nine days after the original post - my Technorati is still 407. Steve's (Khanya) rose to 477 the next day and is still there. Cobus is still on 439. He hasn't posted again since then, both Steve and I have.
I discovered that Macrina's blog also has a high Technorati ranking at 445.
Quite interesting to track carefully.