Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Plus

I am experimenting with Google+ and hoping that it will turn out to be a bit more discreet than Facebook. I think many of us struggle with the way that one can chance upon a Facebook discussion that is busy totally destroying a person's or an organisation's reputation. Or you read a comment by someone and you are pretty sure that they wouldn't have written that if they thought you would see it - but basically they forgot how many people get to see what happens on Facebook.
Google+ with its circles and limited publishing should be more discreet - but I suspect that it very much depends on the user. And, unfortunately, I think that many people are drawn by the freedom, interconnectedness (access to friends of friends of friends) and lack of accountability on Facebook.

You can find stats about Google+ at www.socialstatistics.com. So, if you believe it, the person with the most Google+ followers IS Mark Zuckerberg.
And two thirds of Google+'ers are male and one third female. Somehow, I think I ought to feel guilty about that ?!?


Steve Hayes said...

And Facebook is 51% female and 49% male -- perhaps that should tell you something.

I treat everything I post on Facebook (except personal messages) as public, and most of the personal messages I write are asking people to contact me by e-mail. I realise that not everything I post on Facebook will be of interest to everyone, but trying to work out who it would interest and who would find it boring is just too much hassle.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I think the male/ female split is probably quite informative. Something like many women use social networks for social relationships. Many men use social networks for marketing or promoting their products, themselves, their work, 'business' relationships. So women will not move platforms so easily as men - they stay with the relationships. People who are promoting their stuff like to get on to new things early.
Of course, lots of us do the new stuff just because it's fun to do new stuff and want to be part of what's happening!