Saturday, September 24, 2011

Music Connection

Ok, this post is a 'good service' award for a shop that really made it happen. It is also probably my sound tech husband's favourite shop. This same husband bought me a guitar (at Music Connection) when we were in Johannesburg in July - not exactly because he was tired of me borrowing his, but it was getting a bit complicated trying to juggle who he was lending it to when! It was a nice guitar - much envied and there were threats that it would be run away with . . . But the neck started to come away from the main box of the thing. A nuisance - seeing as it was bought in Jhb and we live in Pietermaritzburg. But many noddy points to Music Connection - we sent them photographs so that they could see what was happening and next thing they couriered down a replacement and we sent back the sad guitar.
So here's a plug for Music Connection

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