Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quo vadis?

The annual Methodist Conference has been and gone and our stations for next year have been confirmed. We will be packing up and moving to da-da-da-daaa Mitchell's Plain, which is near (in) Cape Town. It is a Coloured community and I don't know much else at this stage!
I am looking forward to being there - but before that there is a lot to be done. My husband needs to find a job, my boys need schools and my daughters need to decide where they are going to live. The younger has only done year at UKZN, so she could move with us. The other needs to stay in Pietermaritzburg to complete. And then we must pack boxes and move the household about 2000km.
So, exciting times, but somewhat tempered by the realities of family and moving.


Steve Hayes said...

Every blogging friend I've met or hope to meet seems to be moving to Cape Town. Good luck!

Macrina Walker said...

Cape Town is beautiful - spoken as an ex-Maritzburger. How is your Afrikaans?

Blessings on the move, and hope the stresses of it aren't too bad.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks. I understand Afrikaans ok, but my speaking of it leaves a lot to be desired - I guess I will learn!

Pete Grassow said...

They are lucky to be getting a good minister

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thank you, Pete :-)