Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finishing Up

I have about six weeks left in Pietermaritzburg. I am finding that I am under a complicated set of stresses. Partly there is the underlying knowledge that we have to move the family 2000km and then settle on 'the other side'. But there is also the finishing off of projects. Just a few more weeks at Greytown - am I leaving them better off than I found them? What else do I need to do? Have I been reasonably faithful to my task?
The Phakamisa outreach project needs to be handed over and that is happening. I'm learning to take a deep breath when I realise that things won't happen exactly as I had in mind - the project must move on and I already need to let go.
Two more weeks of UKZN lectures - what will I do next year with the PhD? What can I still do this year?
And I'm fighting the temptation to just stop as if the next few weeks don't count for anything. But I need to believe that I finished strong, so fight the lethargy and keep moving!
God has been good to me.

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