Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gelotology - lol!

I thought this was funny - I'm not sure how much of a scholar (nerd?) one has to be to appreciate it! Beautifully evolutionary.

So, here’s the sitch. Ur txting ur BFF & they tell a funny joke, rt? OMG, ur ROFLing 4eva! And, of course, desirous to explicate the amount and volume of your gelotological response to said stimuli, you endeavor to articulate it with the greatest degree of concision and the maximal amount of verbal economy, thus seeking out the optimal acronymous designation for such behavior. Fortuna has cast her benevolent gaze upon you, my friend, for close at hand lies nothing less than that beloved favorite of the texting masses, the very paragon of wit-ensouled brevity, the palindromic trigram: LOL.

It comes from a blog called και τα λοιπα. where author Daniel R. Streett continues in order to construct a Greek alternative for LOL. He is a relatively new blogger and highly innovative teacher of New Testament Greek. 

BTW Gelotology refers to laughter and its effect on the body.

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Steve Hayes said...

I think I'll refer this to my daughter who is studying theology in Greece.