Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is Kikeri aka Kiki. 
She (or possibly he) is the latest addition to the family. He (or possibly she) is a three week old Hahn's Macaw.

She has been hand reared and we will carry on. I expected a slightly older bird . . . that would be a little less demanding . . . but she will soon be off frequent feeds.
Macaw's and parrots are seasonal breeders, so now is the time for baby birds.
The names Kikeri and Kiki were chosen from children's story books. My kids helped choose.

Me: What about Mr Mephistopheles?
Child 1: No mommy, we can't have another bird named after a cat.
Me: (I had to agree, she was right) Kiki then?
Children: (Somewhat non-commital)
The next day.
Me: What about Piglet?
Child 2 & 4: NO mommy. Kiki would be a good name.
So, I guess they chose?

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