Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Phase

My seminary journey ended last Thursday. I may reflect on that journey more later, but for now my dominant feeling is that it was an intense journey. I was busy. There were highs and there were some lows. In some ways quite emotional.
But I was not bored. And that is quite an important thing for me.
Another important thing is that my time was spent in very practical exercises. If the observant reader can remember back to my blog posts before going to seminary they will know that I did not want an increase in head knowledge of which I already felt I had too much. I believed that I would do better applying my knowledge in practical situations. And I thoroughly appreciate the flexibility of the seminary programme in that this is what I had. By the grace of God I was not stuck in a classroom but spent time doing work in the field.
But I did also study Greek to a level that I can meaningfully use in my PhD and embark on the PhD. I 'lived and moved and had my being' in a multicultural situation and experienced varied worship and small group activities.

I think that the last two years were well spent.

But now it is time to move on. Get my head and heart tuned into what God's wants me to do and be next year. To give some thought to the direction of this blog. To go and pack lots of boxes!

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