Saturday, November 19, 2011


As we head off to Mitchell's Plain:
My daughters have accomodation here in Pietermaritzburg that is walking distance from the university. They are staying with two others in a house in a cluster complex. A real answer to prayer.
My husband has a job teaching science at Bergvliet High School - which of all the schools advertising in the area was his first choice and is the only one that has actually come back to him so far. My sons will be going to school there too.
We should be leaving in two weeks time - still not 100% sure where we will land on the other side (the circuit is trying to find the best option for us) but we know that things will work out.
God is good.


Pete Grassow said...

Bergvliet is a good school - all of my daughters went there.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

That's nice to know :-)

John van de Laar said...

Looking forward to having you folk in the fairest Cape, Jen! :-)