Friday, December 30, 2011

Bible Reading

Last year, about this time I started a 'read the Bible in one year' programme - so how have I done? Actually, pretty well, although I'm not all the way through to the end. Somehow I have lost about six weeks during the course of the year! And I didn't notice, although there were many times that I had to double up readings. So somewhere along the line I didn't read and I didn't notice ???
In 2012 Stephen Murray is proposing reading through the Bible in the year on a blog. He is calling it 'honest Bible reading' and inviting participation, so here is a plug for his project.
I have felt for a while that we keep talking about finding God's will by studying the Bible in community and wrestling with contentious issues until we come to agreement but that we don't have fora to do this. I hope that Stephen's project might be a way in to this.
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Steve Hayes said...

I managed to do that just once, when I was 14. Though I've read through the Bible a few times since then, I've not managed to do it within a year.

Hope you're enjoying the W. Cape.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I also managed to read much more when I was in my teens - and I don't regret doing it then because it sticks! Western Cape is pretty good so far.