Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Mode

We are very much in holiday mode and enjoying it! But one of our frustrations is lack of good internet access. The MTN data network seems to be very overloaded - sometimes we get on, other times we watch it downloading at 1Kb/s (very, very slow almost stopped.) We have applied for Telkom ADSL - hopefully conditions will then be more suitable for blogging!
Otherwise we are settling in well. The weather has improved and today has been beautiful. We had a good walk on an almost deserted beach this morning and then a swim.
I met with the society stewards of the two societies that are under my care last night. That was very cool! I am working with the Strandfontein and the Wesley Mission societies - but I am still technically on leave and I'm trying very hard to protect that, because I know I need the time to reset.
Everything is looking pretty good - we are grateful to God for all!

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