Friday, December 23, 2011

Preparing to launch

Things are starting to wind up again. We now have ADSL installed - so I don't have that excuse not to blog! But I have managed to slow down enough that blogging seems like work. This is actually a good sign. It means that I have switched off enough to relax. I can feel that my batteries are starting to recharge - just in time as my first service is tomorrow night. But hopefully the week after Christmas will still be quiet.
I am looking forward to getting going - but I must admit that I have very little idea as to how to allocate my time. I know that I will work it out as I go along, but I have a tendency to get too busy that is exacerbated by a fear of being ineffective or of being bored. I also haven't managed to find myself a comfortable workspace at home - it always takes time and with many boxes of books still unpacked things are still a bit cluttered.
So the next ten days will be gritting my teeth and establishing some sort of routine and rhythm and plan for working - while, of course, the rest of the family is still on holiday!
But I am keen to get started and I'm not sure that there is anywhere I would rather be than here in 2012.

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