Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still settling!

I am starting to think about the world beyond our immediate home, but only just!
Observations so far:
Cape weather is weird. Right now it looks like it is going to snow! The dogs are skulking around looking most put out.
The late evenings have us totally confused. We find ourselves eating supper when we would normally already be in bed. But we have to come right because our youngest is starting to look seriously sleep deprived.
I feel the cross-cultural nature of where we are staying far more than in Grahamstown where I was put in a Xhosa context. In Grahamstown, everyone shopped 'in town' and there was a total racial mix in most shopping areas. Here everyone is 'coloured'. Very few black people or Indian people and just one white family to be seen wherever we go.
The previously 'white' beaches are jam-packed with holiday makers, whereas our 'coloured' beaches are chill and relaxed.
But people are friendly and the house is warm. Curtains are starting to go up to help with the strange light.
God is good.


Macrina Walker said...

Welcome to Cape Town! And I'm sorry about the weather :-(

Anonymous said...

Was missing your blog since changing emails. Hope I've corrected that. Thinking of you folk and praying for a good Christmas settling in for you all. Love I&J