Monday, January 02, 2012

Fun and Minecraft

Our holidays are rolling to an end - and generally we are all ready to get going again. In the days when we homeschooled we would have been heading to the bookshop and sorting out books and getting excited for the year - we didn't need to wait for dates or times! We are past that, but it is good to feel the familiar sense of needing something more meaningful to do than housework and lazing around.
Today was good - we (mostly my sons) dug and planted our vegetable garden. For them this is a mark of 'home'. We were not able to do that at all last year. Then we have all become absorbed in the computer game Minecraft ( You can only buy it online and is like digital Lego. That consumed much of today although there was a lot of patient waiting for turns on the computer. And finally, this evening, we played the board game Careers.
It has been really good family time. God is good.

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