Monday, January 16, 2012

Knowing names

Monday is admin day, in my scheme of things. In due course Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to pastoral work - one day at each society. I hope to be present at the church building for some of the time and to do visits some of the time. And maybe a Bible study or so . . . Thursday is sermon/ service prep. Friday is my day off. Saturday and Sunday are potluck. Obviously there are worship services every Sunday, sometimes funerals on Saturdays, sometimes other things. My afternoons are dedicated to academic work - I'm supposed to spend 15 hours a week on in-house Methodist studies. Next week we will find out what these projects and studies are. I hope that some of that time can also be spent on PhD work - although right now the thought of getting to grips with a thesis is a little scary. Evenings have been pretty full with meetings so far - but that will slow down as things get on track.
Working through my email it's strange to see how the collection of names in my inbox are completely different. Gone are last year's correspondents and here are this year's. But it is really nice to be getting a handle on things and knowing all these names and all these people and vaguely knowing what they do in the church!
God is good!


Pete Grassow said...

God Bless you Jenny

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Pete - Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.