Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been surprised by the impact of this week away from home. I feel more in tune with myself and more in tune with God than I have felt in ages. I have been trying to find in myself, over the last few weeks, the person I was when I entered training for the ministry - and I think I am approaching success. God is good!
Naturally, I am now analysing the past week and trying to figure out how this happened. Is it just being back in Johannesburg in summer? Is it physically getting away from the busyness of Mitchell's Plain? Is it the unexpected kindness of my pastors and leaders in the Methodist training department? Is it meeting with my mentor? Is it being part of challenging discussions? Is it being given time to revisit my sense of call? Is it just God's time?
I am grateful to the many people who have made this week revitalising for me.

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