Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I stand at the beginning of a road which goes to an unknown destination, but an unknown route! I have been wondering how to structure my time and trying to plan, but I know that ministry is difficult to predict. I received my first call about someone in hospital last night and I went to see him this morning. Shortly after that I received a call asking me to do a funeral on Monday and to see the family. I had already set up some pastoral visits for Friday morning, so suddenly I am getting busy. And that is without taking into account Sunday's service where the local leadership is being inducted (whom I have not yet met!)
I am happy to have ministry here start to take shape!


Anonymous said...

Jissie, maar waar het jou fotos weer verdwyn .. ?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Ja, when my husband is around he takes pictures and it doesn't even cross my mind to do so. I'll get some from him or take some myself soon!
(But nice to have my family in the same church as me!)