Friday, February 17, 2012


Today is my day off. A chance to reflect. I think this week has been better than the previous weeks. I am still finding it hard work, but I feel a bit of traction. One of the churches is 'happening'. We have confirmation classes, children being baptised, leaders asking for Bible Studies and suggesting break away sessions. This is exciting and I am starting to get a vision for the church. I just wish that I had more time and energy - but I do believe that as I settle in this will come.
We are moving forward with the other church as well. This week I was able to do pastoral visits to sick people. I have done many visits in this church, but to people hurt and confused by the church - and I still have a list. I find this exhausting, but there is no alternative but to keep going if I truly believe that part of ministry is to bring God's healing. And I see no future for this church if we don't find healing. Unfortunately, we are not even in a place where we are working together for healing yet. So, much prayer is needed.
I tend to compare myself to other ministers settling in and wish that I could be as effective and as quick off the mark as they are - and then remind myself that I am still a student and this is my first 'proper' appointment. I often wish for more experience - but there is only one way to gain that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, just took a walk thru ur week on the blogosphere. Tough.
I will pray with you this next week.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks :-)
Though I should probably try not to whine so much on my blog! God is always good.