Saturday, February 11, 2012


So my blogging is becoming more and more sporadic. Is that how it will always be? Or will I settle into a rhythm and start thinking and reflecting again?
If I don't find a rhythm I will be in a pickle because I won't be able to do my job! So here's hoping that I do get back to regular blogging.
The last ten days - busy. In many ways I am challenged by fears that I will not be able to cope. By the feeling that this ministry thing is more difficult than I anticipated. My mind is full of revolving possibilities and action replays of events and conversations. That is ok for now, but I need to get past it. I need to accept that not everyone is going to like the way I think, that I am not going to live up to my own ideals and perfectionist standards and that I probably should stop taking myself so seriously. I think in time that will come.
Meantime, I am looking forward to a more 'normal' week next week that doesn't include time away from the circuit. This last week had a three day retreat, which was useful, but broke the rhythm.
I have led my first confirmation class which was a group of 12 very enthusiastic teenagers and was a lot of fun. Next up will be my first baptism service in this circuit - I hope I can remember how to fill out a baptism certificate and that I can find the society's baptism register. In fact I probably need to find out where to buy certificates. So the new things are still coming thick and fast.
I have to admit that it is not easy. I'm not even sure if it is getting easier or harder as I go along. Is God calling me to this? Am I just a wimp when the going gets tough? Time will tell!

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