Thursday, February 02, 2012

Trying to reflect

Thursday morning is my time for sermon prep. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't! Today I actually have my sermon mapped out already. I need to do a PowerPoint, choose hymns and give some thought to the fact that the church where I am preaching opens its early service for the first time in the new year on Sunday - so I will be preaching twice.
My mind is buzzing with politics, trying to untangle the complications of the past year at the churches. Struggling with emails that I don't think are wilfully difficult, but I can't just ignore, wishing that one could start at a new church with a clean slate.
My mind is also buzzing with ideas for moving forward, struggles with the difference between Christianity and churchianity, how does one do mission if people in the church aren't following Jesus - or am I making that judgement based on one or two individuals?
And also being grateful for so much positive stuff and so many helpful people - in the midst of angst about churches paying assessments one of 'mine' has already paid more than half of February already (is it obvious that this is not the one with all the other issues?)
But I need to pray and reflect and prepare a sermon, not have a buzzing mind.
Maybe writing a blog post will have helped :-)

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