Monday, March 05, 2012

Doing church in Kraaifontein

My trial service yesterday was at Scottsville Methodist Church in Kraaifontein. I was really challenged by how 'waxed' the church is. Everyone knew what they were doing and there was a general air of efficiency and organisation and maturity. I enjoyed being part of their service. My part of it went ok - just my usual difficulty of being enormously critical of myself that tends to put a damper on things (I preached too long and I could feel it!)
I am realising that the churches in Mitchell's Plain are 'between'. They do not follow the pattern of the traditionally Afrikaans-speaking churches nor that of the traditionally English-speaking. And I don't feel that they have settled into a comfortable place of just being themselves either.
But God-willing, we will grow together this year and hopefully reinforce the foundations!

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