Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running non stop

As the next step in my search for disciplined living we bought what my boys call a human hamster wheel. I eventually accepted that I was not going to be jogging through the streets of Mitchell's Plain and was starting to think about joining a gym. I was not optimistic about the gym idea and just buying a treadmill and doing the gym-thing at home occurred to me. And so I did it, being very much in two minds as whether it was a good use of money or not. This was last Wednesday and so far it has been a good investment.
We all see it as a bit odd, of course, to do our running in the hall. The dogs still get excited when they see me putting on my tackies - there's always the chance that they might be coming too - but then I stand on this funny machine. One dog tried to run along with my son, chasing him, but was firmly removed from the venue.
My elder son is fascinated by the speed of the machine - it has a maximum of 16kph - and he scares me by setting it as fast as he can go and sprinting in the hallway. My younger son believes that he has found the meaning of the low 1kph setting and demonstrated by going down on all fours and crawling on the treadmill.
The programme settings are a bit arcane - do people really spend a lot of time at 2kph? But I am now running again! God is good.

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