Friday, March 30, 2012

Synod Exegesis

Every year student ministers who are not at seminary need to write two pieces of exegesis. Because I love the Bible and I enjoy exegesis this is something that I actually look forward to (although I quite often have to pretend indifference!)
I submitted mine for this year - as I did last time - with some amusement. How will they mark an exegesis of several verses that is limited to 500 words? I always divide assignments into sections and so divide out the word count. We are required to do the exegeses in three sections - approximately 166 words each. Thus I needed to give the context of the gospel of Matthew in 166 words, the meaning of the text itself in 166 words and an application to my own context in 166 words.
I am confident that our marker this year will have an understandable way of marking - but I have wondered how one knows what to put in and what to leave out.
But I am grateful to God for one aspect of ministry that I might find easier than others do - and also that I am well past being stressed about 'marks' as long as I pass!

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