Monday, May 28, 2012


In the Methodist Church we believe that children may be baptised. We believe that God is already at work in their lives and there is no reason that they should be excluded from the 'means of grace'. This little boy and his brother were brought by his granny. It was so cool to see how she dressed them in white tracksuits. They are from the poorer part of town and she found a practical solution to 'special clothes'.


Macrina Walker said...

To say that children "may be baptised" and that "there is no reason to exclude them" etc sounds a bit uncertain or defensive, or at any rate odd, like a double negative rather than a positive. Or am I reading you wrong? I just don't think that I'd be terribly enthusiastic about baptising my child simply because there's no reason not to!

Is that thing that looks like a chalice the baptismal font? And do you also commune children? (I know that some Anglicans have been talking about it, so wondered what the Methodist take was).

Nice photo.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Macrina. Yes, I agree I do sound defensive - and I was planning a blog post on that, so I'll expand a bit there. But mostly defensive because of the number of churches who believe that 'paedobaptism' is unscriptural - although I believe that even Baptist Churches are beginning to rethink this.
That is the font. People in Mitchell's Plain are creative in the way things are done. Often without any theological understanding at all, leading to interesting settings of tables in the church. But in this case, I think it makes quite a nice font.
We do give children communion - in theory they should have been baptised, but we don't check. I like them to be old enough to have some understanding of what is happening - probably about 3 years old, but again if the parent is keen for a smaller child to take, that's fine. This is still being introduced into the Methodist Church.
Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all Baptists everywhere :P.

A Baptist church which doesn't believe and practice Believer Baptism is like a motor car which doesn't believe or practice round tyres. In any “denomination” there will be renegades but on this issue they’re the lunatic fringe :).

Anonymous said...

P.S. That is a great picture.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Mark - yes I should have said 'some Baptist Churches'! Thanks for the comment.