Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bright Side

There are days when I want to blog. The thoughts pour out of my mind, wanting to be entered via the keyboard. But I can use none of them. They are just a reflection of the confusion and frustration that I feel of the different aspects of being a student minister. I want to moan about so and so, but I really like and respect him, so while I am angry or confused, I don't what that committed to perpetual memory. Sometimes circumstances seem to be the fault of some person, and yet they are just as caught up on the hamster wheel of life as I am. Sometimes it seems as if we are all bowling along in maniacal hamster wheels, barely in control and it is a miracle that there are not more disasters.
It is discouraging and sometimes it is very hard to see the bright side. To believe that I (we) have given up our lives for this.
But we trust God that he will continue to lead us.


Macrina Walker said...

This is one of the things I find difficult about blogging, that it is so public! On the one hand, if it weren't public, I would never have come into contact with some of the people I have interacted with. But on the other hands, there are things that it is just not strategic, or tactful, or wise, to say to - potentially - the whole world!

I can identify (at least in some way) when you say "To believe that I (we) have given up our lives for this." But I suspect that it is at times like that that one's faith and dependency on God is tested. Of course, a good rant to someone trusted helps too, and I write having done precisely that last night!

Anonymous said...

so so true - in some ways blogging has taken over my journalling and that is not helpful. Writing out my thoughts helps me make sense of them, but as Macrina said, some thoughts should just be between me and God, or a n other trusted person. Note to self - get out your journal.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks for support, both of you. I'm looking for that 'someone I can trust' here in the new city (sometimes my husband needs a break!). And, ja, maybe I need to get my journal out again as well.