Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coming up

The next big event in our church life is the District Synod. This is a two and a half day meeting of representatives of all churches in our district (Cape of Good Hope). I am not a very experienced synod-goer, so I am going with as much of an open mind as possible. While some people really dislike synods there are people in my congregations who would love to go.
After that there are services every evening leading up to Pentecost. I know I ought to be excited at the thought of preaching four times in different churches, but I did not know that these services were held until yesterday and so I have to rework my diary. Sometimes (often) ministry is a hamster wheel and it is just not possible to take advantage of the potential of every opportunity.
As always I am trying to remember that this is God's church and my job is just to do the best I can!

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