Monday, May 14, 2012

An intersection

It feels as if I am standing at a crossroads today. But it is an unusual crossroads because I have to travel all four (or even five directions) eventually. The choice is just which I do first and how I go on from there!
Synod this week. I ought to read through the 'blue book' (agenda and reports), but I don't have it, so I need to track it down. Probationers synod oral exam tomorrow - I'd better do some prep.
Circuit work. I was away last week on IST and am busy with synod for four days this week. Cram what I can into three days (and know that a day off is not going to happen!)
EMMU studies. My next deadline is the end of June. I had better get working because I haven't even started the second batch and the time is short.
PhD studies. I am motivated for this and really want to get going. I am requested to go to a seminar at UKZN in June and I need to put into motion all the steps to get permission to leave the district and be there. I need to get some work done before then, but it looks increasingly unlikely that I will!
It is good to be busy. It is good that things are settling down into a sort of order. I feel that I have a handle on much of my life. I just need a supernatural boost of energy or two!
But God is good and if he has called me I believe that he will equip me.

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