Friday, May 04, 2012


I went off day before yesterday and bought a Kindle. I know I'm a bit slow, but I really haven't 'needed' one. I still don't, but see the future of computing changing and thought I'd better try to stay in touch. My plan is mostly to use the Kindle for academic works that the rest of the family won't particularly want to read. Other books - fiction and lighter Christian stuff tends to get absorbed by several members of the family and so 'real' books are better. Of course, my younger son has imbibed a lot of somewhat esoteric information by reading the back covers of my academic books, so we're still losing something by getting a new toy!

It was very cool to download a Greek New Testament onto the Kindle yesterday. This could really work for me! I still need to get a good dictionary and an English Bible.

I submitted a very rough draft of the first chapter of my PhD this week. Most of the work was done last year, but still it feels that I am making progress so now to keep up the momentum.

Work is busy. Next week we have a probationers' in service training so that will be a bit of a break.
Holding on to Jesus in all things!


Anonymous said...

My kindle took some getting used to - visually remembering/finding relevant pages seems easier in print, but I am finding it more and more useful as I go on - not to mention cheaper! Happy reading! and good luck with the continued phd research.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks. I can't remember where I read stuff anyway! I have to try to make notes as I go along. We'll see how the Kindle works. (Fun so far!)