Friday, May 25, 2012


My bright green mini-macaw, Kiki, is now nearly eight months old. She has been a good investment, keeping me company and providing light relief as she is a natural comic. She has been learning to speak - on her own agenda. She doesn't pick up the things we are trying to teach her ('Sorry for you' and whistling 'Yellow Submarine'.) But she has learnt to say 'Kiki-bird' in a very recognisable way. She also makes a sound that is obviously how she hears running water, but I can't hear the similarity.
Yesterday I heard for sure the next properly recognisable word. She was sitting on the bottom of her cage sleepily repeating, 'Squawk' (as in English, not bird-speak) to herself. So we now have a parrot something like Gaspode, Terry Pratchett's talking dog who says, 'Woof' when people expect him to bark.


Unknown said...

Go Kiki! That's awesome.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Squawk :-)