Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today is Tuesday and one routine that I have got into and that is working is that Tuesdays are for visiting people from Strandfontein Methodist Church. It is great because I don't have to drive it. There is a wonderful pastoral assistant who keeps track of who is sick and in hospital and gives me a call to set things up.
I'm still somewhat struck down by flu today, but am feeling better and so we are venturing out. All the way to Stellenbosch Hospital! This particular congregation member is now in his third hospital since he has been ill.
I wish I could combine this trip with a visit to the university library, but I have not given the actual work of my PhD a thought since before my church IST a couple of weeks ago. I desperately need to get off the hamster wheel of work for a moment and do some planning - both for circuit work, my church studies and my PhD. I hope that June will be quieter, with fewer evening meetings.
There are two hospitals on my list for this morning - but just maybe the other will have to wait for tomorrow. And then the Pentecost Week church service this evening, with sermon to prepare.

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