Thursday, June 07, 2012

Beat Frequency

At some stage when I was studying things scientific I learnt about beat frequency. This is the frequency obtained my creating a wave pattern by superimposing several other regular wave patterns. At intervals the contributing waves all peak at the same time - or at least achieve a regular combined maximum.
It feels like my life is like that with different cycles of activity all being added up. There is the cycle of circuit meetings, district events, local leaders meetings, the cycle of the week and the cycle of the day. Every few months things to slow down to a manageable pace for a few days. Today is one of those days - I think. I do have to finish my assignment, prepare a financial report, print out notes for tonight and then spend from 4pm to 9pm at one church event or other. But somehow there has been time to think about other things. Mostly surfing the web for Bible Study material - people rave about Disciple - but would it be right for where I am? And then telling myself I promised I would start nothing else new this year!

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