Monday, June 04, 2012

Just do it

I have set aside today and tomorrow to try to finish my church studies. Talk about a struggle! My experiences with these studies over the last few weeks have been so negative that I am totally demotivated. My attempts at positive thinking and hopeful optimism are weak and pitiful. Yet I know that they must be done. I can't allow myself to work on my PhD research during study time (I can work on my day off!) until they are done. They hang like a cloud over me.
I know that I am not alone - university students are writing exams - why can't study always be fun?


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting at the church studying today. I'm experiencing the opposite emotions to you today.

I've never really been able to swot for an exam before because of work pressures and my secular employer never gave me time off to write Theological exams. So for the first time, and it feels like ever, I’m able to put in a study before I write on Wednesday.

I’m elated :).

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Oh great! That lifts me too. Are you still at BTC? I enjoyed my studies there.
Actually making some progress on my own assignment this morning. Relief in sight!