Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 'Learned' Teacher

The leaders at Wesley Church, when asked what they would like me to do for them, said 'Run a Bible Study'. So we tried. I knew that I was over-committed, but felt that if I didn't start then I would never get moving.
I found it surprisingly difficult. I haven't led a Bible Study for quite a few years, with being at seminary and being shipped around the countryside for training. I found myself quite clueless as to how to structure the material and what to teach. Which is odd, because I used to enjoy Bible Study.
I think that the problem is that my teaching hasn't kept pace with my learning. Long ago (in what feels like another life) I would read up for a sermon or Bible Study and get all excited about the new stuff that I found and then share it with my audience. This worked quite well. But now I find that I have read a lot of stuff. To get excited I need to venture into areas that people in general might find arcane. My trick of just sharing what excited me does not work anymore. And in a sense, I've never really learned to teach. (Somehow preaching is different, although there are similarities!)
My challenge for myself is now to learn to teach, then get excited about it and then share it. Feels like a mountain to climb, but a good mountain and the Holy Spirit is an exciting guide. 

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