Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to the real world

After two weeks of being on retreat and IST it's back to circuit this week. Lots of ideas from talking to colleagues while away, but also lots of work that needs to be caught up on and in a hurry. Today is catching up on some visits to people who were ill while I was away (tomorrow will be more of the same but at my other society). Tonight I have an executive/ society stewards meeting and I need to look through all the financial stuff and have a pre-meeting discussion with someone. The end of the quarter is near and I need to do the preaching plan - and this one is complicated because of Confirmation services and all the Christmas-type services. And there is the ongoing struggle to understand how my societies work and to make sure that enough of the correct procedures and practices are in place. I'm too scared to actually have a look at my things-to-do list for today to see what I have forgotten!

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