Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm waiting for someone to come for a meeting. Fortunately at home. It would appear that they are not coming. That's ok, the meeting was not critical. But my time has been stretched so much that I find it hard not to feel resentful.
This is a recurring frustration cycle that I find myself in. I get busy. My appointments start to be back to back and every evening. And as I struggle to fit things in people (usually the one who set up the meeting) let me down.
But I have learnt that when I feel the frustration I have allowed myself to become too busy and too committed and take myself too seriously.
Ministry cannot be done in fifth gear. It just cannot. Simple. Because the rest of the world can't keep up.
And so I do everyone a favour by slowing down, forcing space into my schedule, and not getting too wound up about things.
It's also a good discipline to learn to trust God!

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Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I find (at the other end of town) that about half the people I have appointments with don't turn up. Therefore, often I go along prepared to do something else.