Friday, September 14, 2012

Macaw Adventures

Kiki our green Hahn's Macaw is nearly one year old.
She is playful and amusing and generally we don't find her too noisy at all. She can be nippy (one of the words that she says is 'ow'!) She makes a good companion to me, although I wish I could take her outside the house without fear of her doing something silly - even with her wings clipped she manages to fly short distances.
We enjoy the funny things she says. Her favourites are variations on Kikibird, Hello Kiki and Come Kiki. Today we had a duet - I would say Come Kiki and she would say Come on - all the time steadfastly refusing to come to me from the roof of her cage. She also said 'thank you' when I put her seed in the cage this morning. She still like to say 'squawk' and best of all, my husband has taught her to purr when her head is scratched! Apparently while I was away she also informed the family one night that it was time she was covered up by approaching my youngest and instructing him 'night night'.
She has definitely been a worthwhile addition to the household.

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