Monday, October 29, 2012

This weekend past . . .

What do I do on weekends? It varies, and sometimes apart from sermon preparation and Sunday services I can do whatever I like.
This weekend started with taking my eldest son to a cricket match (it is nice for me to be able to do this!). I was supposed to be rushing back for a Section Youth meeting, but this had been moved late the night before, so I could take my time. (A Methodist Section is part of a Circuit and is created to aid administration in larger Circuits. The division is often created by the different ways societies do church and by who needs to meet together at which occasions due to their own traditions!)
Next stop to Makro to buy more flipchart paper which has been in short supply for too long in my economy and also new pens.
Home to write minutes for the Section Leaders Meeting held earlier in the week. We often struggle to find people willing to write minutes. Also checked through some financial stuff comparing the payments made by one of my societies to the receipts of the Section. People don't question things much, so I'm a bit of a novelty to them here. Other admin odds and ends.
Next a building planning meeting at Wesley Mission Church. Very exciting. We have a mission unit funded project operating on the premises which needs better accommodation and also a crying need in the Sunday School for more premises. We had an outside facilitator and it was a productive meeting. However, there is a hint of discouragement because of the general instability in the churches due to ministers that come and go and the congregations' perception is that they are disregarded. I feel a pressure that I have no means of releasing.
After this I was supposed to go to a farewell function for another minister in our circuit, but my head felt like it was exploding and I still I had a service and sermon to prepare for the next day . . . so home.
And now I need to go and get on an aeroplane, so maybe we'll talk about Sunday another day :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A mobile experiment

I am experimenting with blogging via email on my cell phone. It seems
a bit of a mission!
The bird picture (if it is there) is just to see if it works.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Truck Drivers' Strike

One of my congregation has been struggling to find work. A few weeks ago he found a job and although it is is hard work he is so pleased to have it. He's a truck driver.

Monday, October 08, 2012


I wrote my things to do list up on my flip chart instead of my usual exam pad page this morning.
The length of the list is not particularly meaningful, because some things require just a simple email or phone call, while others mean quite a lot of work. I must admit that I feel quite intimidated by the list - although it does not all need to be done today. It does include preparation for two Bible studies, a Sunday sermon, a special service sermon and a funeral which are all this week.