Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rent a Duck

I asked my husband the other day if he knew of anywhere one could rent a duck. There was that moment's silence that there always is while one processes a thought in the hope of discovering some actual rational meaning. The only oblique reference possible was to my younger son who is sometimes called 'the duck' because he was scratched by a duck when he was a baby and we always wondered whether he would grow up to have duck-like powers. This didn't aid understanding and so my husband asked me why I would want to rent a duck. Because we don't seem to have hadedas in Mitchell's Plain. Oh.
This picture was taken on our lawn at night. It is wall to wall snails which make a disconcerting crunching noise as I walk from my garage to my front door. Ducks and hadedas eat snails.
I have heard hadedas two days in a row now . . . there is hope, seeing as we don't seem to be able to rent a duck!

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