Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Seniors Group

I am sitting in the vestry of my church at Strandfontein while a group of 'seniors' have their first seniors club meeting. I think that having an office rather than working from home is more conducive to being available to people, but generally it is just as isolated if I come and work here. Today is different. I like that they are taking the lead and just needed a push from me to get going and I like that I can be in the background - involved, but not in control. The seniors group is an important opportunity for older people stuck at home to get out and find some fellowship. God is so awesome when we don't get in his way too much.
This photo is not the best - I didn't want to disturb the group when I took it. There were about six ladies when I opened in prayer, a few more have come in since then.


Anonymous said...

Talking about photos, we saw you trying unsuccessfully to hide behind fellow probationers for the Dimension picture :)
(p.s. enjoyed having Pippa singing on Sunday night as always.)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks - I never see Dimension. I really must make a plan! Hope it wasn't too awful.